Ilian Moctezuma

About me

I was born in Mexico City and I was raised in Tijuana, Baja California. Moving from a big city full of tall buildings, millions of people, smog, and barely a place to breathe clean air, it is a very dramatic move when all of the sudden you find yourself in a place surrounded by hills, and the ocean in a border town. It didn’t take long at all for me to fall in love with these empty hills. Not so empty now days!

During my childhood I spent hours and hours alone. This solo time allowed me at an early age to notice and experience things differently than most kids at that age. A few good things came out of this solitude: a very creative mind, art, running, and the ability to see things with a different perspective.

To a solitary child the world is an empty canvas waiting to be filled with colors, passion and love.

Even though I am a grown woman, the world stills seems the same to me. The child still lives inside me. A self-taught photographer, artist and a long distance runner, I am always looking for that special moment in which I can make a connection with this earth through my photography, paintings and running. My photography is mostly of nature scenes, animals and flowers. I have traveled to different national parks within the USA and, a few other countries too, allowing me to capture the free beauty surrounding these places.

My paintings are the discovery of my life while facing adversity. They became a way to express my emotions during different stages of my adult life. They are the direct result of my imagination, inspiration, emotions, and artistic and technical abilities. Each painting is created with a very unique style and the creation process it is time consuming. Each painting is created using only a mouse or a drawing pad, colors that appeal the eye and my unique vision of life.

I am thankful that you stopped by to check my work.

Hopefully you will acquire a piece of my art or photography for your own pleasure.

In the meantime I will go out for a run on the mountains to feel the fresh air on my face and enjoy the beauty of nature through my senses!

Love, peace and freedom!

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